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StarLife Engage: Towards a Satisfied Customer

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The best businesses don’t leave critical moments between employees and customers to chance. When it comes to winning over customers, successful businesses know that everything depends on their customers’ experience with their employees, whether frontline employees or back office staff.

During these interactions – whether online, over the phone, or in person, customers do more than assess a company’s products, goods and services. They are subconsciously forming an emotional perception of how they feel about the encounter and about how the company’s employees treat them. These perceptions dictate not only how much customers will spend but also whether they will recommend the company to others or provide repeat business.

StarLife’s desire to continually satisfy its clients at all levels led to the birth of ‘StarLife Engage’, an initiative to encourage back office staff who do not directly sell the company’s products to start engaging clients more often. StarLife Engage is meant to inspire staff who are not sales executives and managers to also become frontline advocates of the brand in order to support the growth of the business.

The moment that an employee connects emotionally with a client is a source of untapped power that has profound implications on a company’s productivity and profitability and that is what StarLife Engage seeks to achieve.

In our current dispensation where there is so much distrust for insurance companies, ‘StarLife Engage’ seeks to reassure clients of StarLife’s commitment towards their welfare right from the beginning of their life partnership.

Every month, a maximum of nine staff members across departments go out during each ‘StarLife Engage’ day to visit existing and prospective clients. Their major duty is to engage them on StarLife’s unique offering, forge and maintain relationships with clients, discuss challenges, as well as gather feedback on ways StarLife can improve their business and serve them better.


What ‘StarLife Engage’ Achieved?

‘StarLife’ Engage gives staff of StarLife a rare opportunity of listening to genuine concerns of clients which under normal circumstances they may not know. More than ever, staff not only listens to the concerns of customers, but provide solutions that bring value in a timely and relevant manner.

During ‘StarLife Engage’, staff obtain insights into the channels of communication that clients are most comfortable with.  This valuable information enables StarLife to plan on the best way of interacting with different segments of clients.

Clients use the opportunity to disclose the products they want to be introduced into the market based on the their changing economic, social and financial needs. This provides a solid foundation for the research team at StarLife to develop innovative solutions tailor-made to address specific needs.

Most importantly, ‘StarLife Engage’ is centered on the desire to support the financial well-being of all clients of StarLife Assurance. We continue to assure clients of our commitment to always listen to their challenges and address them.

Finally, a big thank you to all clients and stakeholders for standing by StarLife in 2022. Thank you for your honest feedback, and you can expect excellent service delivery in 2023. You are StarLife’s partners for life.

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